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Google Analytics Ecommerce Reporting

We recently were introduced to a new tool, one of our clients requested that we set up “Ecommerce Reporting” for their Google Analytics.  Having only recently found the joy of Google Analytics, I happily dove in.

Honestly, setting up the E-Commerce reporting was not as simple as setting up the Google Analytics tracking code initially was.  The Google Analytics code is straight forward, you just paste this code in to the bottom of every page or in your footer if you use one.

The Ecommerce code is a little more complex.  You will find the technical details here:

As you can see, it is going to require a bit of code to be able to implement.  You need to have an addTrans() and close with a trackTrans() for each order, but within each order you need to populate an addItem() for each item in the order.  Basically, this is going to require some programming help if you are not strong in code or if you don’t have access to that level of code.

That being said, if you are using Google Adwords or any other PPC (pay-per-click), Google Analytice Ecommerce reporting is a MUST!  With this tool you can track down which campaigns and keywords are successfully bringing in business and which ones are not.  You can basically track everything that you could with Google Analytics, only with another dimension:  an accurate dollar value!

If your ad campaigns cost you $500/mo yet you are only making $300 worth of sales off those ads, you need to review and modify your ad/keywords or website.

You can also track which geographic locations are working well for you, maybe you want to target the North East with one ad that is working well there and use another one that is more effective in the West.

I am pretty excited about the data that I’m getting back from these reports!  I like this type of gadget and the fact that Google is closing that gap between my Adwords campaigns and my sales is outstanding.

There is no cost to the Ecommerce reports outside the initial setup if you require a programmers help making this tool a very cost-effective, powerful marketing tool.

Good job Google!

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