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Category Archives: Technical Support

As I fix them, I’ll list them. Well, the ones I remember to anyways…

Mac RDP client update causes rdpclip.exe

A Mac user called in saying he had updated his RDP client recently and now when he connected to his Terminal Server (Windows 2003) and tried to log off, the session hangs.

I logged onto that server and Task Manager showed he had one process left – RDPCLIP.EXE. Continue reading

Google Documents

I stumbled upon Google Docs the other day. As is frequently the case, I am surprised at the availability of useful tools that Google provides. This is another example of that.

Google docs allows you to create documents,Presentations (slide shows) and spreadsheets online. Continue reading

SQL 2008 ‘Generate Scripts’ wizard misses some tables

Today we found an “unresolved” issue with SQL 2008. They right click on their master database, select “Generate Scripts…” to open the Script Wizard and it doesn’t matter if they select “Script all objects in the selected database” or go through the wizard and manually select everything, but when the script is generated they are missing a few important tables. Continue reading

Information about Conficker

Here’s a nice, fairly technical but an easy read, article on Conficker. Continue reading

SQL 2008 Full Text Indexing

We were testing SQL 2008 query results today, and basically the speed difference between that an a standard query using wildcards is significant. Continue reading

Outlook error (0x900CCC63)

‘Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’ Continue reading

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