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Category Archives: SEO

A collection of SEO tidbits from the trenches and anywhere else I can find them!

Google Analytics Ecommerce Reporting

I am pretty excited about the data that I’m getting back from these reports! I like this type of gadget and the fact that Google is closing that gap between my Adwords campaigns and my sales is outstanding.

There is no cost to the Ecommerce reports outside the initial setup if you require a programmers help making this tool a very cost-effective, powerful marketing tool. Continue reading

A little more on SEO – Backlinks

I was recently reminded of how important and powerful backlinks are for your website.

A backlink is a link from someone else’s website to your website. Google uses backlinks in the calculation of your page rank. Typically the more backlinks, the better off you are. Read through to the end for the catch. Continue reading

SEO Keywords

One of the largest problems I find with SEO customers is that often times they don’t understand what they want. Or maybe it is just that they understand what they want (sales typically), but that they don’t know how to use SEO Keywords to get those sales. Continue reading

Dynamically populate page metatags in

I love it when I find that someone has not only already done what I need to do, but they have helpfully posted their methods online. That’s partly why I’m doing this blog… 🙂

Anyways, I’ve been wrestling with the need to dynamically change the content in my description and keywords metatags in my website for a while now. The trouble is that all the pages on my site run through two main pages and I didn’t want to just set a generic set of values for the whole site. Continue reading

SEO results are in: Content is king

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, if you want to get your page noticed by Google, CONTENT IS KING!!! Continue reading

Beginning SEO

So you have a website. Or maybe you have a vision of having a website. What’s the point of it?  For most of us, we like to have people see our website.   And not just the people we know, we … Continue reading

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