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Category Archives: Life

Tidbits about life and anything else I’m not sure where to put.

Ikea – the store that makes you think

The office was getting a bit cluttered lately, so I said to myself “Why not get a shelf in here for all this stuff?”

Not having one and looking to go somewhere that wouldn’t break the bank, we headed to Ikea. If you’ve never been in one, schedule an afternoon and go. It will probably take ALL afternoon though, the Ikea stores are HUGE! Continue reading

Saving money on food

What I found… there just aren’t words for it. This is crazy… It’s not health food, but…

Check it out for yourself. Continue reading

Going Solar and other energy cost saving ideas

Unlike the 90’s, saving money is definitely in style right now. And living in the Northwest, where it’s always in style to live “green”, a lot of attention has been going to green energy. In fact, where I live, in the heart of Oregon’s Wine Country, many of the wineries have invested in large rows of solar panels.

But even in the Northwest, I don’t see many houses with solar panels. Why is that? Is it the cost? Is it the intimidation factor of the technology and terminology? Continue reading

Working at home

Maybe it’s just the economy right now, but there is a lot of interest in working from home lately.

Having worked at home myself for the past few years, I can tell you that it is not for everyone.

I know, I know… I’ve spent 2 hours on I-15 in San Diego going 10 miles per hour. I’ve commuted through rain and snow in the northwest. I’ve been there too. But here are some important points to remember when considering working from home: Continue reading


A friend of mine introduced me to a new hobby:  Geocaching. He had told me about it before and it sounded cool, but I didn’t have the time to get involved much.  Last month, the Boy Scout troop my son … Continue reading

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