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Author Archives: Jeremy

About Jeremy

I have been working in the IT industry for over 15 years now. During that time I have worked with systems ranging from mainframe computing systems to Windows Vista, Mac OS X and PDA's. I have been on the hardware side, networking side, telecom side, administration side, engineering side, consulting side and have dabbled in programming and web design periodically along the way. I like to learn new technology and I love to help users find solutions to meet their needs.

Mac RDP client update causes rdpclip.exe

A Mac user called in saying he had updated his RDP client recently and now when he connected to his Terminal Server (Windows 2003) and tried to log off, the session hangs.

I logged onto that server and Task Manager showed he had one process left – RDPCLIP.EXE. Continue reading

Google Documents

I stumbled upon Google Docs the other day. As is frequently the case, I am surprised at the availability of useful tools that Google provides. This is another example of that.

Google docs allows you to create documents,Presentations (slide shows) and spreadsheets online. Continue reading

Google Analytics Ecommerce Reporting

I am pretty excited about the data that I’m getting back from these reports! I like this type of gadget and the fact that Google is closing that gap between my Adwords campaigns and my sales is outstanding.

There is no cost to the Ecommerce reports outside the initial setup if you require a programmers help making this tool a very cost-effective, powerful marketing tool. Continue reading

Trouble Importing Excel Data into SQL 2008

Importing data into SQL2008. It’s a fairly common task, don’t you think? I have done this many times before, though I’ve only imported data into this version a handful of times.

This time was different. I ran into an interesting issue.

I had one column I was importing into a VARCHAR(20) field. The column was populated with half numberic, half alpha-numeric data. Continue reading

Ikea – the store that makes you think

The office was getting a bit cluttered lately, so I said to myself “Why not get a shelf in here for all this stuff?”

Not having one and looking to go somewhere that wouldn’t break the bank, we headed to Ikea. If you’ve never been in one, schedule an afternoon and go. It will probably take ALL afternoon though, the Ikea stores are HUGE! Continue reading

Saving money on food

What I found… there just aren’t words for it. This is crazy… It’s not health food, but…

Check it out for yourself. Continue reading

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