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Technology Solutions that Meet Your Needs

To compete in today’s competitive, fast-paced market, you need to have IT solutions in-place to enable your business to succeed.  

You use it every day, often without even thinking about it.  The calendar reminders on your phone.  The endless streams of email.  The quick Google search to find that quick answer to a business question.  The online article about marketing.  The Youtube video…  Facebook…  Amazon…  the list goes on.

Almost every company out there uses technology every day.  But each company is unique.  A small, local business may not need an international web presence.  Or a large, customizable accounting system.  Each company has it’s own needs.  And budget.

At Air Networks, we work hard to provide the technology solutions our customers need – at the business and budget level they need.  

So if you need help with your website, hosting, email, server administration, virtualization, backup strategy, disaster recovery, or security – we can help!  

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Data Backup Consulting

Data loss can be a crushing reality for any business to deal with.  Yet many organizations do not have adequate backup infrastructure for their ever-growing data demands.  When you couple this with the fact that the number of risks to your data have continued to grow exponentially you have a very risky situation.

We will help you design and implement a backup solution that will protect your data and ensure that you are able to recover when you need it.

Don’t lose sleep over your backups, give us a call today!

Virtualization Consulting

Virtualization is simply a way to optimize the hardware resources that you purchase to get the most out of them. It also works nicely to isolate applications or servers for security or performance issues. We can help you harness the power of your servers and optimize your ROI for your data center.

SAN Storage Consulting

We provide fast, reliable SAN storage at a great cost. Our SANs are highly upgradable and can be configured to meet your businesses growing data needs. Your data will be safe and readily available on one of our Cybernetics SANs! Give us a call for a quote today!